Yard Signs

Real Estate Property For Sale Yard Signs

Make sure your Yard Signs are professional and distinctive. Yard Signs are one of the last things that prospects see as they leave an open house. Sign post not included.

    • Sign Dimensions: 24”x 24” • Print: Two-Sided • Material: ACM (Aluminum Composite Material)
Pre-drilled hole and grommet options are available during the order process.

Here are 5 tips on the best ways to use your Yard Sign.

1. Use Sign Riders:
 Add Speciality Sign Riders that showcase what makes this listing unique—a pool, new bathrooms, and 5+ bedrooms. Personalize your sign rider to reflect the style of the property and ensure it stands out from other listings.

2. Use QR Codes: 
Include a QR code on your yard sign that links to a virtual tour, your RealEstateHomePrice.com page, or additional property information. This is a convenient way for potential buyers to learn more about the property.

3. Focus On Your Brand: 
Yard Signs are durable, weather-resistant, and a key way to increase brand awareness. Make sure you’re using a high-resolution headshot and place emphasis on your logo and brand.

4. Highlight Your Contact Information:
Whether it’s for this listing or the next, any passerby is a potential lead. Have your phone number, website, and email easily visible so it’s easy for prospects to contact you.

5. Use High-Quality Signs:
Invest in high-quality signs that are durable and weather-resistant, like the ones from Corefact. This will ensure your signs remain in good condition and impress during your open house.